Here’s a video where I record drums to our song ‘Saturated’, from The Nemesis EP. This is a new recording, so it differs from the album version.

This is from my and Attila Bokor’s band ‘morph’. This song is called ‘The Escalating Kind’ and is actually the first song from the coming album that we are currently working on.

Here is the new song.

Here’s my newest video performance. Only drums on this one.

Having a bit of fun with a loop. Quite a lot of fun, actually.

The Big Drum Bonanza Play Along Contest. A really fun tune to record!

Very proud to play on this song. ‘Come Again’ – made by Attila Bokor.

Well, this song was such a blast to play to! This is a song by Benny Greb, called ‘Grebfruit’. Check my version out.

Here’s my latest session work! This is a song called ‘Castaway’, made by the great Attila Bokor.

Tadaa! I got a new drum set: ‘Breakbeats’ by Questlove & Ludwig. This is a super-cheap kit that sounds great. Listen for yourself in the video below. The general idea I had before buying the kit was to use in gigs. But after playing and recording with them I’m actually gonna use them a lot in the studio, as well.

If you want to check out the drum set, you can buy them here:

Here is a song called ‘Killing Time’ from our new EP, ‘The Nemesis EP. The available worldwide. You can get it on iTunes, here:

Here is a single we recorded with morph called Wicked. It’s about a nightmare and how a person is trapped in one.

And here comes a little drum jamming! It just got to be here. After all, we are all drum nerds, right?


Here is a Thomas Lang play-along song. Fun to play and with a massive drum solo section in the middle of it.

In this clip I solo over a paradiddle-diddle foot ostinato. In this video I orchestrate the ostinato over 4 different pedals, making it quite a challenge to solo over.