Here is a selection of the gear I use & get asked about a lot:

This is my main drum set, the one I use on my recording sessions. It’s actually quite hard to find since it’s a Premier XPK 75th Anniversary Edition. The shells are a blend of Eucalyptus and African Mahogany. Sizes: Toms – 10″, 12″, 14″. Bass drum – 22″.

Besides from the great sound, the set also has a beautiful looking finish.

This is a great drum set if you, like me, want a portable and good sounding drum kit at an affordable price. I use it on almost all of my gigs.

If you’re curious about how the cymbals (written about below) sound in context, here’s a video where I play them. I also use the Kickport, the drumheads and the Iron Cobra double pedal that is all displayed below.

The toms and kick drum is from my XPK kit.

Richard Sandström

Drummer & Drum teacher

The Zildjian New Beat 14″ is a real work horse. And an elegant one. It’s great for rock but can also be really funky. It has a great distinct attack when played as closed hi-hats. That allows the drummer to play intricate stickings without it being lost in the mix. Very dynamical, as well.

This is a beautiful ride cymbal. It has a dry, controlled sound. Articulate, but without sounding harsh. This ride probably also has my favorite bell sound of all time. It’s powerful, full-sounding, with great attack and body. And it’s mine! *Insert evil laughter.

These are magical. I’ve heard quite a few drummers complaining about this hi-hat and that it doesn’t sound anything like in video demos. It’s understandable, because this hi-hat does sound quite harsh when listening to it in the same room. And right there is where the magic can be found. The microphones LOVE the sound of these. When recorded, live or in the studio, the microphones picks up an amazing sound. Trashy and washy. Another thing is that it always seems to sit in the mix, without EQ or anything. I feel like my life wouldn’t really be complete without these babies by my side.

In my humble opinion, this (together with the Meinl cymbal below) might be the best crash cymbal ever made. I freakin’ love it.

It’s dirty, raw, aggressive and sensitive. It’s the 18″ Extra Dry Thin Crash by Meinl. Absolutely world class. Pure awesomeness.

The Zildjian K Custom 17″ Fast Crash is the cleanest and fastest sounding (the way it decays quickly) crash I have in my possession. In my opinion, it’s absolutely brilliant. Not only when it comes to the finish. I love how it sparkles and shines when playing it. It has a gorgeous shimmer to it and sounds stunning when recorded.

To me, the bass drum pedals are extremely important. It’s one of those things when the gear plays a big role when it comes to expressing ideas so that they can be played as effortlessly as possible. It’s about finding the pedals with the least amount of resistance, the ones that will let you create music. These pedals are, by far, the best I’ve ever used.

I’ve found my favorite pair of drum sticks: Vic Firth Signature Series – Dave Weckl Evolution.
Perfectly balanced. You can play soft or very aggressive – these sticks let you do it all.

In this video I have some fun exploring the Meinl Bells. I also play on the Black Magic 8X14″ snare drum, using the Puresound EQ snare wire.

The drum set (toms & kick) is my Premier XPK kit.

Richard Sandström

Drummer & Drum teacher

I use two of these bells, one Meinl 8″ Classics Traditional Low Bell and one High Bell. The difference between them is the pitch. I mainly use these as either separate effect cymbals or as a very special pair of hi-hats. They cut through everything and really makes what you are playing to stand out.

Another application of these can be to place one of them on for example the snare. Then you would get a drum’n’bass snare sound. Cool stuff, indeed.

This is an amazing snare drum. One might think that it’s a one-trick pony because of it’s depth. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you crank up the bottom head real tight, you will get a great crack out of this snare, as well as serious low end “oumph”. It’s made out of brass so it’s both warm sounding but cuts through a track.

These are my go-to snare drum head selection. I’m a huge Remo fan and have being using their drumheads for about 99% of the time through whole my life. To me, these are the best drumheads available.

In my book, the Puresound snare wires are the best ones. I use a couple of different snare wires by Puresound, I like to experiment by changing them from time to time. The reason why I love the Puresound wires is the blend of articulation and warmth. They also have a great speed release strap that allows the player to disengage the snare wires for quick head or snare wire changes. That’s an awesome solution that I began to use a couple of years ago.

The PureSound Equalizer snare wire is one I use. It’s less influenced by sympathetic vibrations from other drums and instruments.


Fun story about toilets, Benny Greb & drumheads

In 2015 i saw Benny Greb doing a great drum clinic in Copenhagen. I arrived at the place quite late and rushed into the bathroom, I really didn’t want to miss a single stroke. Feeling a little bit stressed, I heard a door open and glanced over to check who it was. Well, it was mr.Greb himself. He politely said “Hi!” and we started talking about choices of drumheads. He told me that he currently experimented with putting Emperor Coated heads on both the top and bottom side of his floor tom. He said it gave it a really nice low end fatness. And I, for one, believe him.
My heads of choice is the Emperor White Coated on top of the toms and the Remo Ambassador White Coated on the bottom side. This wonderful combination makes the toms sound warm, round and with very little overtones. They have a great sounding low end.

These heads give me all I want from a bass drum sound. They produce a very warm bottom end but still with a lot of nice attack. To achieve the attack, and to get less ring from the heads, I press towels against the head that gets beaten from the pedals. I use duck tape to be sure that the towel/towels stay on the head. Important: I don’t use duck tape on any part of the drum shell, only on the inside of the head.

The Kickport is a nifty device that extends your low-end frequencies and add more punch to your sound. The KickPort is a tuned port that fits right in the hole of your bass drum head.

I have A/B tested it and it makes quite a big difference for my kick drum sund. Also, it’s quite cheap. Great product.