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If you’re here, drumming is your passion, so let’s treat it with the love & respect it deserves. I don’t believe in doing things half-heartedly, because that would only lead to the same kind of results. We’re better than that.

These are in-depth lessons, with very rewarding results on the other end.

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Thomas Lang

Winner of Best Clinician/Educator in Modern Drummer Magazine, 2018 poll.

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In The Drum Set Revolution you’ll have the opportunity to: Create a clear practice plan (using a proven method), learn how to practice efficiently, open up creative doors in your playing by using certain vocabulary exercises, explore interdependence exercises that will make you more free on the drums, learn how to practice technique in a systematic approach so that you don’t waste any time, find exercises that will force you to open up your listenings skills (leading to a new level of awareness in your timing & groove)…. and much, much more.

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Ever wondered how to practice not to slow down or speed up when drumming? It can be a tricky thing to practice. The typical practicing solution is to simply play to music or to practice to a metronome. Both those options are great for other reasons, but you will always just follow along. You need a method that will immediately show you WHAT you are doing wrong. If you won’t be able to identify the problem, how could you possibly be able to fix it? Therefore, I have created click tracks designed to fix those problems.

These tracks contain 4 bars of click, then 4 bars of silence. The idea is to play a groove, an exercise or to just jam to the track, and to be able to keep as steady time as possible through the silence. Please don’t be to hard on yourself. These are designed to fix timing issues. Therefore, they will reveal our weak spots very clearly.

The gap click is nothing new. It is a proven method, used by world class drummers. What I haven’t seen though, is somebody actually making these tracks available for others. And I wanted to make them available in odd time signatures as well. This way, you won’t need to hassle with your metronome each time you want to practice with a gap click. Just store these practice tracks in your favorite device, and you’ll always be ready to use them in your practice sessions.

Remember, you’re NOT going to play “perfect” time with these tracks. If that was the case, these practice tracks would be pointless. The whole point of this way of practicing is to analyze if you speed up or slow down, and trying to fix those problems.

The tracks will be downloaded as a ZIP-file. Each track is around 5 min in length. With these tracks the slow ones are harder to play, simply because there is more silence in them compared to the faster ones. Start by practicing the tempos you feel comfortable with.

The tracks ranges from 60-200 BPM, in these time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4.