My name is Richard Sandström, a Swedish musician that has been drumming since six years of age. I grew up in a very musical family. Both my dad and brother are musicians. Because my father is a drummer and it always was a drum set present at our house, it was a natural thing for me to start drumming. I fell in love with the instrument from my first hit on the drumskin! I spent hours and hours practicing playing to my favorite records with my favorite drummers. What a great learning experience that was, and still is!

I started playing in bands and out on clubs at a very early age, around 11 years old. As I grew older and kept practicing, my drumming skills evolved. I knew that music and drumming was something that I loved and wanted to get as good as possible at.

I’ve studied drumming and music at three different schools here in Sweden. In 2010 I graduated from the musicproduction education at Växjö University. I have been working as a drumteacher at different music schools and have teached hundreds of students.

I have been fortunate to play and record with some great artists. My most recognized studio work, this far, is probably the session work with ‘Grabbitz‘ – reaching the top-4 in the Dance Chart-list on iTunes.

I’m SUPER-proud of my band, ‘morph‘. We are a two-man band (Attila Bokor & yours truly) that play progressive/alternative rock and blends odd times, odd phrasings with big melodies.

It might sound cliché, but I feel more motivated and inspired for each day. I own a drum studio where I can create music and record drum takes for different projects and artists. It’s also the place where the lessons are currently recorded in. I’m very excited to create music and drum lessons that people never have heard before. Richard Sandström

Drummer/Drum Teacher/Songwriter/Producer

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