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‘The Drum Set Revolution’ is the membership area where all of my premium drum lessons are saved in a big, organized library. As soon as you join as a member you will get instant, 24/7 access to all of the lessons and will be able to stream them any time and anywhere from your favorite device.

Richard Sandström

Professional Drummer/Drum Teacher

What Students & Other Musicians Are Saying

“Your lessons are awesome. Your practicing methods & systems have really opened up a lot of doors for me.”

– Benjamin Andersson

”All of your lessons are top of the line for expressing rhythms around the drum set musically & it gives solid form to mechanics, speed & coordination. As always I thank you for enormous inspiration.”

– Mike Hope

“Wow! Thanks Richard, that is the kind of system i have searched for.
I love your approach on the drums and I am looking forward to learn and grow using your lessons.”

– Jonas Smidt

“Your drum course was (and still is..) awesome!!! Thanks for the inspiration!”

– Aleksandra Kubiak

“There is a lot to be gained by watching your technique and approach.”

– Rich Robey

Fredric Thomsen2_n Richard Sandström is like the drummers counterpart to elite athletes – in a good way! Only  “elite musicians” like Richard can play so advanced and tight and still manage to do it in a relaxed manner. It’s a true pleasure to have shared the stage together!

Fredric Thomsen (Guitar player in the band ‘Indigo’)

Ulf Becker_n Richard Sandstöm is one of the most talented young Swedish drummers that I’ve heard in recent years. His drumming bursting with musicality, dynamics and a dazzling technique.

Ulf Becker (Drummer in 'Peter Martinsson Group')

Joel Ermestål_n Richard is a really nice guy and also possesses a huge amount of talent when it comes to music!

Joel Ermstål (Drummer in 'Legs')

Richard Sandström

Richard Sandström

Creator of RichardOnDrums.com

“Why should I take online drum lessons at this place?” Excellent question, my friend. I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are putting in much time without big rewards in skills. I have made close to all mistakes possible during the 24 years I’ve been playing the drums. And I have practiced well over 10 000 hours. That’s a lot of mistakes. And what I’ve found out along the way is so interesting. Here are a couple of examples of things that have become very clear to me, and that you will learn in the members area of ‘The Drum Set Revolution’:

  • Hard work is much more important than talent. But it’s not enough to work hard, you must also practice smart.
  • The METHOD you use when practicing (the different steps you go through with an exercise) has massive effect on how fast & well you learn things. It’s not enough to just play something for a very long time until muscle memory kick in.
  • Why you should have a huge focus on certain technical exercises and how it will improve everything you will ever play.
  • The fastest way I know to great technique (…and I’ve tried a lot of different ways. A. Lot.)
  • Ear-opening exercises will develop your groove & time.
  • Clear, logical, step-by-step systems can develop your rhythmical understanding, technique & vocabulary at the same time.

…and much, MUCH more…   If you feel like you wonder about these, or any other, things when it comes to your drumming and how to develop it, I strongly believe you will find all those answers after you become a member at this site. BUT you will have to practice to develop. I can hand you all the tools in the world, but it really doesn’t matter if you won’t put in the time needed behind the drums. I just want to make that very clear. Hard Work + Smart, Concentrated Time Practicing = Amazing Results. Hope to see you inside the members area, where the fun really begins.

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Photo by Billy Lindberg.

Imagine The Lessons & Feedback You Need To Dramatically Improve Your Drumming.

Some Exciting Things You Will Learn:

x Step-By-Step Lessons On How To Learn & Apply Rudiments Checkmark

x The Fastest Way To Develop Great Technique

x To Speak The Language Of Drumming By Learning Rhythmical Permutations & Different Ways To Use Them

x Develop A Modern And Exciting Drum Lick Vocabulary & How To Create Close To Endless Drum Fill Variations By Following Different Steps

x A Method On How To Count Odd Subdivisions So That You Will Understand & Learn Them In The Quickest Way Possible

x Advanced Coordination/Balance Exercises Meant To Develop Your Ability To Switch Focus & Pattern As You Like, Resulting In More Musical Freedom

x Grooves Like Mambo, Mozambique, Samba, Bossa Nova, Blues Shuffles, Second-Line Funk etc.

x How To Practice Efficiently So That You Can Improve In The Fastest Way Possible

x How To Create Tension In Music By Using Rhythmical Illusions

x How To Develop Musical Freedom With Your Double Bass Drum Playing

x How To Put Spice On Your Grooves & Make Them More Unique Sounding

x Techniques On How To Jump Between Pedals & Start Using Multi-Pedal Orchestrations

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